Hair Loss?
Saw Palmetto: The Natural Solution for Hair Loss

Saw Palmetto and Hair Loss Women

The Saw Palmetto and Hair Loss Women Connection

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about Saw Palmetto and what it can do for people who are worried about hair loss problems. The Native Americans who populate the coastal areas of Georgia and Florida have already used the herb at length to treat breast disorders and prostate problems and even doctors have been known to prescribe it for things related to prostate problems. However, the big question many people have is what connection there is between saw palmetto and hair loss women.

Saw Palmetto's Suspected Role

The main use that saw palmetto has enjoyed in recent years when it comes to treating hair loss is for those with androgenic alopecia, the hair loss caused by overproduction of DHT in the body. Women rarely suffer from this due to the small amount of testosterone they usually have. However, it is not unheard of for it to happen or for the effects of Saw Palmetto to be beneficial for women trying to treat their thinning or balding hair.

The Effectiveness of Saw Palmetto

While many people will swear testimony to the link between saw palmetto and hair loss women, the truth is that there is no real connection that has been established for the herb and how it is supposed to work. Few clinical trials have been conducted for hair loss and a number of different problems have been reported as side effects. As a result, the best bet for many is to assume the saw palmetto and hair loss women connection is not there and to find a product that has been proven more often and more effectively to help treat hair loss in women.

One such product, which has enjoyed a great deal of positive results from its users is Sephren, a product that doesn't treat the natural hair loss problems that many associated with alopecia, but treats the lack of necessary nutrients in the body to create healthy hair in women. This is the most common cause of female baldness and for those that effectively treat it, using the right supplements and eating properly, hair often regrows thicker and healthier than before. For anyone seeking a solution to a hair loss problem that doesn't seem to have a root cause or who needs a combination of supplements and topical foam, Sephren is a great place to start due to how widely effective it can be.

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