Does Saw Palmetto Work for Hair Loss?

Saw Palmetto has gotten quite a bit of attention in the last few years, and for good reason if you think about it. This little dwarf plant, which grows along the atlantic coast in places like Georgia and Florida, has been used for centuries by Native Americans to treat everything from prostate problems to breast issues. And now, people are finding that it may have an impact on their hair loss. But, does saw palmetto work for hair loss like so many people claim?

What it's Supposed to Do?

Saw Palmetto is supposed to do a few very simple things. First, it's supposed to provide a means of interjecting and stopping hormones in the male body from going out of whack and breaking down into DHT when they are struck by the 5AR enzyme. This is a regular occurrence in men whose hair starts to fall out prematurely and as a result, the DHT starts to bind to hair follicles and create situations where the hair cannot grow properly any more, eventually falling out and taking the follicle down with it.

Saw Palmetto is supposed to stop the DHT from forming in the first place and while studies on this particular occurrence are limited, there are plenty that say that DHT has an effect on hormones in the human body in general - so the link is clear enough. But, does saw palmetto work for hair loss in the way that some people would like to claim? That's hard to tell, and as is the case with any natural substance, it can be tricky.

So, when someone asks 'does Saw Palmetto work for hair loss,' finding a good answer can be tough. There are many situations in which it may help reduce hair loss, but in some people it doesn't. And worse yet, it can cause a number of problems in some bodies, especially those that may have existing health conditions. If you do start taking saw palmetto, you should talk to a doctor first to get their opinion on your new hair loss regimen.

Another option and one that many people should consider before striking out to find an herb like saw palmetto, is Procerin, a hair loss supplement that is all natural and that has results you can look at and review. If you're interested in finding a hair loss treatment that is complete (you get a pill and a topical serum) and that has visible results, check out Procerin and what it's done for many other men.

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