Saw Palmetto and Hair Loss Female

The Saw Palmetto and Hair Loss Female Link

Saw palmetto has gotten quite a bit of attention in recent months as some people have started to use it for far more than its original uses as a treatment for prostate problems. In fact, there are men and women everywhere who are finding that saw palmetto does everything from helping reduce certain hormonal imbalances to fighting back the effects of hair loss in men. But, many people want to know if Saw Palmetto and hair loss female protection is possible.

What You Need to Know About Saw Palmetto?

Before learning the answer to that question, anyone interested in saw palmetto should know that the herb has a long history of use by native Americans on the American east coast for hormone related problems such as prostate and breast issues. In fact, there have been a number of reported cases where saw palmetto helped in benign cancer treatment. But, its use for hair loss treatment is relatively new and to those who wonder about saw palmetto and hair loss female, there are not any direct links established to say that such a thing is possible.

When Saw Palmetto Works?

Before going further into saw palmetto and hair loss female, it's important to know that when the herb does work for hair loss, it does so in a specific way for men - it provides relief from hair loss by blocking DHT production and attachment to androgen receptors. While women technically can suffer from androgenic alopecia, it happens less often because they have less testosterone and some male treatments can be dangerous for them. In fact for most women, saw palmetto and hair loss female is not the answer.

The answer is in the fact that most female hair loss is actually caused by thinning hair and not falling out. This means that to restore hair to its natural health and density, women need to focus more intently on building up strength and density in their hair and not in creating a situation where side effects can occur.

One product that allows women to do this is Sephren, combination of a daily supplement with B vitamins, minerals, and herbal additives, and a topical foam that works to clear out follicles and boost scalp health for hair to grow into. Sephren has been shown time and again to restore hair to the natural state of health it needs to fill the scalp and not appear balding. For anyone looking to stop the effects of thinning hair as they age, the best place to start is with a safe and natural product like Sephren.

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