Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Study

What Was Discovered in a Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Study?

If you've heard about Saw Palmetto, chances are you've heard about a few of the amazing things it can supposedly do. There are a number of different ways that Saw Palmetto can be effective for different bodily problems - from breast problems to prostate issues. It works because it operates in a wide variety of different human hormones - each of which can cause a number of health problems when out of whack.

Because the same is true about hair loss and because Saw Palmetto has been linked to being able to treat androgenic alopecia in many cases, there has been a lot of buzz about whether any Saw Palmetto hair loss study data is available. For the most part, there are not any such studies currently available - however, there are a number of different ways in which it has been shown to work in other circumstances, but how well?

What Data Is There?

The question of whether there is any Saw Palmetto hair loss study that can be trusted is one that nearly anyone who has been interested in the herb has asked at one point or another. But, while results are out there and many people will still swear by the products made from Saw Palmetto for hair regrowth, the truth is that very few, if any people truly know what will happen with the herb when it is taken for hair loss.

Should Saw Palmetto Be Taken

In the end, the question is whether or not, regardless of there being a Saw Palmetto hair loss study or not, the herb should be taken for hair loss. Without much data and without any kind of case studies to back such a decision on, it's probably best to go with a product that is better recognized and trusted in the market.

This can include anything from another herb that has fewer side effects like Ginseng to a product to Procerin which has been proven to provide far better results without leading to any additional problems such as the side effects that Saw Palmetto has shown in the past. For those that are interested in Procerin, know that it is both a pill that includes a wide variety of ingredients that work to block the creation of DHT that causes androgenic alopecia, and a serum for topical use that helps stimulate hair growth and clean out follicles. If you are truly interested in a product that does everything it says it can, check out Procerin today.

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