Saw Palmetto Products

3 Types of Saw Palmetto Products

After you have researched all of the available treatment options for hair loss, you have most likely found that saw palmetto products are really the only kind of treatment available that can help prevent hair loss without causing any side effects while still acting as effectively against hair loss as many of the pharmaceutical products. However, there are a variety of different saw palmetto products that you can take, so which one is the best one for you?

Types of Saw Palmetto Products

There are several types of saw palmetto products. Some of these types include:

  • Straight extract
  • Pills/nutritional supplements
  • Topical solutions

In reality - the best one is the one that you are going to continue to use, regardless of which one is more effective because the number one reason that a treatment doesn't work is because people quit it or skip several days worth of the treatment in a row.

However, each of these saw palmetto products has their pluses and minuses.

Straight Extract

The straight extract type usually comes in a tiny bottle of liquid, and you place saw palmetto droplets in some type of drink in order to get the benefits. This way is very simple, but often seems more convenient than it actually is. The droplets are not really portable, you are not getting an exact amount of the formula, and if you put it in drinks that are too hot or too cold, you can damage the beneficial particles. Also, they tend to taste terrible.

Pills/Nutritional Supplements

These are arguably the most effective way to take saw palmetto products. They get you an exact amount, which is helpful, and they are extremely portable. They have to be processed correctly in your body to ensure enough get to your hair, but assuming they do, they become very effective.

Topical Solutions

Topical solutions are the opposite of nutritional supplements. You do not get a measured amount, but at the same time you make sure that your follicles are no matter what able to get some of the ingredients. That makes them arguably as effective but for a completely different reason.

Experts agree that saw palmetto products can be taken a variety of ways, but the best way may actually be a combination of the topical solutions as well as the nutritional supplements, because this way you can get a measured amount inside your body, and help directly to your follicles on the outside. One of the best saw palmetto products for this purpose can be found at

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