Saw Palmetto Side Effects

Side Effects of Saw Palmetto

Anyone that has found that they are suffering from hair loss has also likely looked into treatment options and noticed one recurring theme: Almost all treatment options for stopping hair loss have a number of unpleasant side effects that make taking the treatments a risk to the way you live your daily life. There are some pharmaceutical supplements that can cause sexual dysfunction, there are some natural supplements that can cause upset stomachs as well as frequent trips to the bathroom.

So if you have heard of saw palmetto in passing - saw palmetto being the leading way to naturally treat DHT related hair loss - then you are also likely wondering what are the saw palmetto side effects as well as whether or not the saw palmetto side effects are going to affect the way you live your life.

What are Saw Palmetto Side Effects?

What you may not realize is that the reason that the herb is such a popular way to treat hair loss is because there are no saw palmetto side effects. The herb itself is completely safe, with no risk for short term health problems or long term health problems, including even small inconveniences like an upset stomach or other issues. Saw palmetto is the only way to treat hair loss caused by Dihydrotestosterone without having to worry about whether or not the treatment you are using is going to somehow negatively impact your health.

That is why so many people have started using the supplements and treatments that utilize this powerful herb - they are trying to find a way to treat their hair loss effectively without worrying about what the treatment option they are choosing is going to do to them. And since saw palmetto is the only herbal treatment (in fact, the only treatment in general) that can stop DHT related baldness without harming your body, the herb has quickly gained popularity rapidly across the nation, especially since the Internet makes the herbal treatments significantly more available.

Since there are no saw palmetto side effects - only benefits - you are likely hoping to find a treatment option that is going to effectively prevent the production of DHT. One of the most effective products for that purpose is known as Procerin. Procerin is a combination topical cream and nutritional supplement that is known to safely prevent hair loss without causing your body any side effects whatsoever.

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